I.A.O. has over 10 years of Law Enforcement and Corrections experience, in confinement facilities in Iraq, Texas, and North Dakota. During this time I have learned the basics of detainee and custody operations, I also began to formulate a vision on how to improve Corrections. I have held many positions in Corrections; and understand the challenges that officers face each shift. 


I.A.O. knows that you can use training and experience to Improvise, Adapt and Overcome any obstacle that you may encounter.

I take great pride in training new and experienced officers. At I.A.O. we are continuously looking to improve each other and expect the same from those in the career.


The mission is to improve corrections training at a local, state and national level. This goal was established when a large void was discovered for training tailored strictly for Corrections. With that, I.A.O. was born and will continue to provide training in topics that officers face each day, ensuring that the officers leave the training with the mindset of Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome.

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