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Leadership Fundamentals

This course will provide new and existing leaders with the fundamentals to lead their team. Whether your leadership style in servant, transactional, transformational, or authentic we will provide insight on each style. Developing a tribe of followers is vital to any leaders success, and we will show you ways to empower those followers.

8 Hour Course

$199.99 per student

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Being Committed: Becoming a Field Training Officer

To provide the basic groundwork for a Field Training Officer or training coordinator to provide adequate training. Students will realize the risks and rewards with training new officers and how to maintain a positive training environment.

- 16 Hour Course

- $250.00 per Student

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Surviving Law Enforcement

Provides new officers with skills and a mindset to push through the daily struggles both on and off the job. Correctional Officers walk a different path each day and should be reminded on why they do what they do.

- 8 Hour Course

- $150.00 per student

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Customized Organization Consulting

IAO will setup a free consult to examine possible leadership or cultural concerns your organization may have. A specialized plan will be designed to fit your needs.

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Developing De-Escalation Techniques

Officers face various types of resistance on a daily basis. This course is designed to teach you how to anticipate, observe, and respond to these types of resistance. An officer’s strongest muscle is their mouth, making it the most dangerous tool in their possession if not used properly.

An officer must be quick to listen, slow to speak, and deliberate in their actions.

All interactions in custody have an elevated potential for violence. Officers will be taught verbal and non verbal indicators of an existing threat to themselves or other inmates. 

-16 Hour Course

-$250.00 per student

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Reducing the Threats of Intake

The Intake at a jail is one of the most dangerous aspects of our job. Subjects that enter our facilities often are in the worst shape of their life when we take custody of them.

Their health, emotions and mental status are often in an altered and dangerous state, and the intake officer must be able to diagnose the problem and protect the subject on all levels.

- 8 Hour Course

- $150.00 per student

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